Can a Martial Art be Christian?

Technically, no, just like there is no such thing as Christian music, but rather musicians who are Christian and sing songs that give glory to God. In a similar manner the martial art itself cannot be declared ‘Christian’, however the principles on which it is founded can be God honoring or not. Cha Yun-do was created out of the desire to have a martial art that is devoid of the eastern mysticism and pagan influences that many martial arts have. However, the most important part is the martial artist themselves, just like the musician in the example above. The Christian martial artist is an individual who is first and foremost a child of God. Shield of Faith believes that the student’s relationship with God is extremely important, and we will make efforts to know that everyone needs a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Also, a Christian martial artist is an individual that is striving to seek justice and to relieve the oppressed.