New Students

How to Start

Students can start training at any time. Please contact us to schedule an introductory training. Each new student must attend at least one introductory training lesson before starting regular training. Most students attend two introductory training lessons. The purpose of these lessons is to familiarize the student with the school, instructors and techniques. The introductory training lessons are not designed to develop the student’s ability to but to analyze the ability of the student to participate and introduce them to the program.


The new student start-up fee ($109/student) covers Introductory training, uniform, T-shirt, the student’s first month of training beyond the introductory training, and CMAF annual fee.

Description Cost / Student
New Student Start-up (Intro lessons, CMAF membership, Uniform & 1st month training) $109.00
Monthly training $35.00
Annual CMAF membership (due in February) $20.00/year
Testing (approximately 3 per year) $35.00/test
Additional uniforms $35
Additional T-Shirt $10

New Student Forms

The following forms are required to be completed before training can begin. A form needs to be filled out for each student. Please download, print and bring them with you.

Cha Yun do Belt Ranks

Below is a table of the belt ranking used and the minimum requirements to advance to the next rank. For example, a Yellow belt requires 12 hours of training to be eligible to test for their Orange belt. Students must be able to demonstrate ALL techniques, combinations and patterns learned up to and including present rank. Permission for a student to test is always subject to the instructor’s discretion.

Belt Rank Minimum requirements for testing
BO Dan 6 months of training + 32 hours & instructor’s invitation
Senior Red 18 hours of training & instructor’s invitation
Red 18 hours of training & instructor’s invitation
Senior Purple 17 hours of training & instructor’s invitation
Purple 16 hours of training
Senior Blue 15 hours of training
Blue 14 hours of training
Senior Green 13 hours of training
Green  12 hours of training
Orange 12 hours of training
Yellow 12 hours of training
White Instructor invitation